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There is something so fun and whimsical about flower crowns.  They’re perfect for any special event, from high-school dances to newborn photo shoots.  I’ve never had any trouble finding an excuse to whip up a flower crown or two or three…IMG_0056…and the upcoming Easter festivities certainly require a few.IMG_9752IMG_99462017-03-030

Any time you place a wreath full of flowers atop a little girls head, lots of giggling, plenty of twirling, and basically straight up magic will surely ensue…IMG_97732017 April-001IMG_97252017 April-002IMG_9865

Okay, and if they’re anything like my girls, tree-climbing will follow.IMG_9994

So MAYBE we’re a bit obsessed with flower crowns at our house.  I’ve definitely made my fair share and read through plenty of tutorials.  I thought I’d share the little tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that make flower crowning a super simple affair.  Seriously, even the most unenthusiastic crafter can make one of these bad boys…er girls.

WARNING:  Once you start flower crowning, you’ll be hooked.IMG_8721You will also need a hot glue gun, measuring tape, and wire cutters.

TIP: Decide on an outfit and color scheme before heading to the craft store.   I usually bring my girl’s dresses with me to shop for flowers.

I like to choose 3 different types of flowers and 2 different kinds of greenery.  Once selected, trim all of your greenery and flowers into small individual segments.  Make sure to leave as much stem as possible, at least an inch or 2.IMG_8733Lay your flowers and greenery out, making sure you like the combination and balance.  IMG_8770Playing around with color and texture combinations is pretty much what I live for…But that’s just me being a weirdo, most people will skip this step all together.  Moving on.

 You will next need to measure the crown of your child’s head (or YOUR head if you’re making one for yourself!!)…imagine how high or low you’d like your crown to rest and measure the circumference.  Now double your measurement and add 3 inches.  For example: If your child’s head measures 20 inches, double to 40 and add 3 inches: 43″.  This will be the length of vine wrapped wire you will need to cut.

Next, twist the ends of your wire together, overlapping an inch (pictured below: top left).  Next wrap the twisted ends with floral tape (pictured below: top right).  You will now have one big loop.  Fold the loop on top of itself to form a double loop (bottom left).  Working your way around the loop, twist the two loops together (bottom right).

It’s always a good idea to make sure the wreath fits nicely before moving on and make any adjustments if needed. 2017-03-29Now for the fun part! Start by arranging the greenery around your loop.  It is best to pick a “front center” spot and work toward the back with all leaves/greenery on that side pointing toward the back.  Then repeat for the other side (pictured below: top left).  When you have your greenery arranged, carefully move aside and then begin to secure each piece in place by wrapping the stems and loop with floral tape (pictured below: top right).2017 AprilTIP: When using floral tape, you must stretch it slightly for it to become sticky.

Next, begin to arrange your flowers in the same manner, starting in the front and working your way toward the back.  All flowers should “point” toward the back (pictured above: bottom left).  At this point, I like to make miniature “bouquets” by gathering the flowers together in small arrangements and securing with floral tape (pictured above: bottom right).

Now attach your flowers to the loop by once more wrapping the stems to the wire with floral tape!  I like to hide the flower stems underneath the greenery…IMG_8943You can then put a small dab of hot glue on the underside of the closest leaf and press it over the wrapped stems to hide the floral tape…IMG_8947Continue adding flowers interspersed between the greenery the entire way around the wreath.

TIP: You do not want any flowers or fullness on the underside of the crown (where it will rest against your or your child’s head).

At this point, your crown may still look a little sparse.  You will want to cover any portion of floral tape (pictured below: top right and left).  Use leftover individual flower tops with the stem removed.  Dot the underside of the flower heads with hot glue and place over any sparse areas (pictured below: bottom right and left).2017-03-031SIDE NOTE: I save all of my leftover flowers and greenery remnants for future flower crowns or other crafty needs.  I have a jar for greens, one for flowers, one for grass, and one for moss…IMG_8784And simple as that, your flower crown is complete! IMG_9111Happy Crafting!nnnmgfhj6 jwo tu6ulu


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