My Favorite Freaks

Halloween is just over a month away!  Yay!!! I wanted to share another of our past Halloween favorites and Jean’s first time dressing up was certainly that.  In keeping with the tradition of the four who came before…lions (1 of 1)

…we of course needed our cub costume to make one last appearance.  What better way to retire our lion tradition than throwing together a whole lot of freaks for one final show…new (1 of 1)EtsyShopColeMan (1 of 1)EtsyShopCIRCUS FREAKS

Starring: The McCoy Family

ACT 1: The Mimes

Halloween is typically a show put on by our kiddos, but every so often John and I join in the fun.  The Circus Show was too good to pass up and becoming mimes so very easy.AirBrush_20170926144338Black pants and striped shirts got the job done just fine.  The only thing we purchased for our costumes were a set of suspenders and a pair of white gloves.  With a bit of black and white face paint we were good to go!  Though it doesn’t always happen, our kiddos are always so very happy when we dress up!  If you need something easy and cheap, miming is definitely the way to go!AirBrush_20170926144810ACT 2: The Bearded Ladymace (1 of 1)A store bought flapper dress and a few accessories were all we needed for our fancy freak.  I was also extremely excited to finally put all those hours and hours of finger-wave punishment practice from hair school to good use. With her hair slicked down and set, her brother’s beard from THIS POST was the perfect finishing touch!

ACT 3: The Clowntessa (1 of 1)Tessa typically cries on Halloween.  A lot.  And this year was no exception.KidsFinalFinal (1 of 1) She refused to wear the big red clown nose I bought her, so a touch of red face paint had to do.  However, wearing her big sister’s old dance costume certainly turned that frown upside down…EtsyShopWe added some stripped tights (from the Halloween box) and some polka dot suspenders.  I also sewed on two giant red pom-pom “buttons” to her belly…she ripped one off in case you’re wondering if I can count.d (1 of 1)Her hat/headband was found in the Fourth of July $1.00 bin at our local craft store.  I simply pulled off everything blue and replaced it with black!  And yes, I was super proud of myself.

ACT 4: The StrongmanMuscleman (1 of 1)Okay, pretty sure there will never be a better combo than this outfit + my Cole man.  We laughed SO hard everytime we looked at him and he was a great sport.  We bought the body builder suit and borrowed the wrestling singlet from a friend of Cole’s.  I glued his old Taekwondo award to some black spandex fabric fashioned into a belt. Soccer socks, a mustache, and a striped scarf were perfect additions.  John put together his barbell with some black pipe and painted foam balls because he’s kinda the best Dad in the world.

ACT 5: The Lion and Lion Tamer

Last but not least, the Ringmaster himself…Wyattfinal (1 of 1)Wyatt’s costume was also pretty simple.  In addition to his church clothes, we purchased a pre-made ringmaster set (hat, vest, and jacket) and a whip for taming that ferocious beast…b (1 of 1)Our beloved lion costume was purchased for our one-year-old Wyatt eleven years ago and has definitely been put to good use!  And in true show business fashion, not a single member of our circus batted an eye when our little lion met her fate…EtsyShopEven her own mother just snapped away as she fell from her throne.  Luckily she was well padded and didn’t make a peep.

And now it’s time for the finally curtain.  We bid you farewell and hope you enjoyed the show!AirBrush_20170926144140



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