Follow the Yellow Brick Road

With Halloween just over a week away, I wanted to share one more family costume idea. A few years ago, our Wyatt read the Wizard of Oz and insisted we watch the classic film.  I was beyond thrilled when the kids all voted to dress as the beloved characters.  If you’ve read any of my past Halloween posts, you know the current baby in our family must dress as a lion…so the Wizard of Oz theme fit perfectly.Done1

*Side Note:  I love sewing costumes for my kids, but that’s just not always possible.  I purchased all of these costumes from Amazon (linked below). My number one tip to help store-bought costumes become a bit more charming:  pay attention to details!  In other words, add plenty of your own accessories.

Wyatt the ScarecrowDone8For Wyatt’s costume, we glued straw (actual straw from the good old farm down the street) to his hat, scarf, sleeves, etc.  We added an old dirty rope (from the garage) around his neck and plenty of face paint. Of all my kids, Wyatt hates having his face made up the most, so we stuck with a simple triangle nose and dark pointy brows.  I mixed brown, yellow, and orange face paint to match his head scarf.Done10Cole the Tin Man Done12 (1 of 1)Besides a coat of metallic silver face paint and a bit of black on his nose and eyes, we didn’t add too much to the Tin Man.  However, we did cover his old lawn-mowing sneakers with a few layers of duct tape and they blended in just right!Done5Tessa the Cowardly LionDone2 (1 of 1)As mentioned, the lion costume is an old family favorite worn my all my kiddos.  For the Cowardly Lion, I simply added a red hair bow!

Macie as DorthyDone9Other than taking in the dress about 5 inches in every directions, we added some red lips, red shoes, and her little dog too…Done6 (1 of 1)Simple french braids and white bows were the perfect finishing touch to this simple, yet oh-so-sweet costume.Done7 (1 of 1)Done13 (1 of 1)Our ‘Wizard of Oz’ Halloween is without a doubt, my most favorite year.  I’d planned to dress as the Wicked Witch and have John go as Oz, but as you all know, sometimes things don’t quite go as planned.  And then sometimes things go better than expected, like when we stumbled upon our very own “yellow brick road” while driving to a Halloween party…FeaturedThe day we took these pictures is also the day we found out we’d be moving to Colorado.  We were anxious, terrified, and excited all at once.  It’s so fun looking back at these fun memories of our last Halloween in Utah…and let’s be honest, I could stare at my little Dorthy’s sweet face all day long!Done14Whether you like keeping things simple and easy, or enjoy creating over-the-top costumes, I hope we’ve inspired you to make some fabulous memories with those you love!  Happy Halloween!


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