Fall Gardens and a Weird White Bull

One of the perks of moving somewhere new is there are so many fun places to discover, new restaurants to try, and plenty of beautiful new surroundings to explore.  Somehow we’ve been in Colorado for nearly three years, yet there is still so much to experience.  We recently visited the Denver Botanical Gardens at Chatfield Farms for the first time and had the most enjoyable day together.

The combination of crisp Fall air, lush gardens, hayrides and food trucks galore, made for the perfect day.  John and I gawked at the breathtaking scenery while the kids enjoyed carnival games, farm animals, and even a 30 foot free fall…

DoneFenceAirBrush_20171101142547DoneWalkDoneBoyBullMomaandT (1 of 1)DoneBabyJDoneTdropDoneJohnDoneTessTreeDoneGamesdone2 (1 of 1)done (1 of 1)MacieDrop (1 of 1)DoneMelandMace.jpgDoneMacieBull.jpgI’m not sure what it is, but there is something magical (and definitely therapeutic!) about being outdoors in beautiful place with the ones you love.  The Botanical Gardens at Chatfield Farms are definitely just that!DoneBeauty




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