Favorite Holiday Traditions + Matching Pajama Giveaway

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re kinda big on family traditions! One of my kids all time FAVORITE family traditions takes place each year on Thanksgiving night, directly after consuming an abundance of Thanksgiving deliciousness.

We kick off our Christmas festivities post a slice or two (or five) of pie, with the first gift of the season…BRIGHTgirls (1 of 1)Since we were traveling before (and during) Thanksgiving this year, we let the kids open their gifts at home a bit early.BRIGHTgirlsgifts (1 of 1)donepjbos (1 of 1)Like so many other families, we love getting our kiddos new Christmas pajamas each year.  However, a few years ago, we started giving them their holiday pj’s on Thanksgiving night (rather than Christmas Eve) so they could wear them all month long.kidscouch (1 of 1)Every year without fail, our kids break out into a spontaneous dance party the moment they don the new jammies.  This year was no exception…GirlsDance (1 of 1)ColeDance (1 of 1)Besides burning off some of those Thanksgiving calories, we also make an annual trip to the movie theater on Thanksgiving night…and yes, we wear our pajamas.

Whether it’s the feeling of family unity, or the fact that they don’t have to get dressed, our Thanksgiving night ritual is by far our children’s very most favorite family tradition.

Throughout the month of December we also have lots (AND LOTS) of hot chocolate pajama parties.BRIGHTtess (1 of 1)DadHotChoc (1 of 1)There’s just something about snuggling up in warm pj’s that make fun December festivities that much more special.DoneJeanMugAnd last but not least, another favorite holiday tradition is of course, snuggling on the couch for a Christmas story each night as we count down the days til Christmas.Every year I get my kids a new book to add to the collection.  Every year I wrap ALL the books, old and new and keep them out on the coffee table.STORYDAD (1 of 1).jpgEach night we take turns choosing a book to unwrap and read.  The kids are all so very excited to see who will find the new book.  We have old favorites and a few that we absolutely hate don’t quite love.  The kids laugh and laugh when someone picks one of that not so beloved stories.

Whatever your December traditions look like, cute and cozy pajamas definitely add to the magic of the season.FAMBAM (1 of 1)Happy Holidays!


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