A Jungle Party

Our sweet Tess turned 4 a few months ago and requested a “Jaguar Muffin Party”.  I thought it would be fun to share some pictures and ideas from her special day, you know, in case anyone else gets that same request 😉

I  REALLY tried to keep things simple and feel for the most part I did pretty darn good.  (Okay, other than that middle of the night moment when I found myself hot-gluing handmade party hats to plastic animals!)

I asked my three oldest kids to each plan and execute a jungle-themed game!  They came up with jungle animal bingo, duck-duck-goose tiger-tiger-lion, and animal charades!  At one point we also had a marshmallow war, but I’m not entirely sure how that came about.  My big kids basically ran the show and were completely wiped out by the end of the party.  Of course, in mom-like fashion, I gently reminded them of all the many many party’s mom has thrown for each of them over the years!

Besides trying and failing to teach a dozen 4-year-old’s the rules of charades, John and I also had a fun little photo booth set up (which seemed to be their favorite part!) and loaded them up with plenty of sugar.  At the end of the day, Tessa was thrilled and has asked more than once if we can do it again!mygirl (1 of 1)CuteCake (1 of 1)Tiger (1 of 1)IMG_1827Zebra (1 of 1)DoneCake (1 of 1)Giraffe (1 of 1)BERRIES (1 of 1)IMG_1843Elephant (1 of 1)DoneGrin (1 of 1)I made my first “naked cake” by using some tips and tricks found HERE.  It was surprisingly easy and so forgiving!

The brownie bites are a go to favorite from a friend of mine: Brownies + cream cheese frosting + a single raspberry.  They are so cute, easy as can be, and equally delish!

The animals (whom Tessa gave all the party-throwing credit to!) I found HERE

Gold balloon letters HERE

Jungle print balloons HERE

I made the animal party hats in a moment of pure insanity.  Okay okay, I actually loved every second of it.  I cut out rounded triangle shapes from card stock and rolled them into cones.  A dab of hot glue and a colorful pom-pom finished them off!

Children’s party hats HERE

Photo booth props HERE

I added faux and fresh flowers to the mix and everything else was from the “clearance” section at Target!

Happy party planning!

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