Smiling’s My Favorite

“I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite!”

-Buddy the Elf

With Christmas right around the corner, we are busy as can be checking off our holiday to-do list!  Besides a bit of that holiday stress, we’ve certainly got plenty to smile about.  I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite products for rocking a CONFIDENT SMILE + a share huge giveaway in partnership with SMILE BRILLIANT.Stuff (1 of 1).jpgFirst Up, Brighten Up Those Pearly WhitesMelnotauto.jpgOver the years, John and I have both tried our fair share of teeth whitening products, strips, and trays.  We recently tried out a whole new system and achieved fantastic results.  Despite sharing uncomfortably close photos of our mouths (yikes!!) I’m excited to share our results and breakdown the whitening process!  Finalteeth.jpg

In all honesty, I felt like my teeth were already pretty white before I started the Smile Brilliant process, so I was a bit skeptical of what kind of results I would see.  I was shocked at what a huge difference I could see after just one treatment.  My teeth were whiter and brighter than they have ever been.

In my opinion, the best part about whitening with Smile Brilliant is the convenience.  They send you everything you need, including professional custom made trays without leaving your home!  I may be a borderline hermit, but making the molds at home pretty much won me over.  After your molds are made, you simply ship them in a prepaid envelop and  wait a matter of days for your custom trays to be delivered to your front door.  I actually do have professional trays from my dentist and the Smile Brilliant trays are every bit as nice, but at a fraction of the cost!

John and I both have experienced quite a bit of tooth sensitivity in the past.  I was so happy to learn SB offers a desensitizing gel that diminishes tooth sensitivity and helps to prevent new stains from forming.  After whitening every night for 2 weeks (45 min to 1 hour each night) and had ZERO tooth sensitivity!teethbeforeandafterI actually didn’t even use all of my whitening product, but decided to save the rest for future touch-ups.  My teeth are seriously WHITE and I felt like any whiter would just be too white…is that even possible?!

Side Note: I typically whiten my teeth a couple of times a year and it always helps me kick any late night snacking habits!  I like to brush my teeth right after dinner, wash my face, and pop in my whitening rays before snuggling on the couch with my hubs.

Next Up, Soft and Smooth LipsLIPGLOSS (1 of 1).jpgWhether I’m wearing a bright bold lipstick or a soft nude color (or none at all) there is one product I use EVERY single day.  NYX Pump It Up Lip Plumper (in clear) is my go to lip product to ensure smooth and soft lips, especially during the harsh winter months.  I personally do not feel like this gloss plumps my lips in anyway, but it sure does exfoliate any dead or chapped skin and leaves my lips ultra soft.  I typically apply a healthy amount to my lips and leave it to do it’s job while putting on the rest of my makeup.  After I wipe it off, my lips are perfectly soft and smooth and ready for whatever lip product I’m in the mode for. Tall (1 of 1).jpgI keep a good supply of these babies on hand at all times and you just can’t beat the price!  I’ve also recently been loving THESE lip balms and scrubs (the scents are amazing!) as well.

Buddy the Elf may be a bit ridiculous, but he certainly knew what he was talking about when it comes to smiling!  Smiling truly is the quickest way to uplift those around you and brighten your own mood!  Having a confident smile makes a world of difference and I’m so happy we get to share a SB whitening kit with one of you!  (Enter giveaway below!)FINALEPOSTWe wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year, filled with lots of love and plenty laughter!

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*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant.  The results, thoughts, and opinions expressed are accurate and all my own!

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