Protein Pops

As many of you know, I’ve been on a treat-free mission for nearly a year. I’ve had so many question about how I’ve done it and will definitely write more about my year long journey in the near future.  Today however, I want to share one of our favorite healthy (and protein packed) snacks!  I’ve never been a fan of making what I call “fake treats”.  I’ve always thought: “if you’re gonna eat a treat, make it a good one!”  In other words, we don’t do a whole lot of sugar-free cookies or applesauce cakes around here. However, I’ve realized over the past few years, that there is absolutely nothing fake about eating delicious, nutrient-packed foods, as a main course or in “dessert” like fashion.

A few years ago, per my children’s request, I bought some fun popsicle molds. In all honestly, they have been filled with a wide variety of odd concoctions, but mostly just pickle juice straight from the jar.

Besides my strange children’s even stranger request for pickle pops (yep, they are as gross as they sound!)  our entire family LOVES these simple, quick and easy protein pops.  And yes, we’ve been eating popsicles outside during the middle of this non-winter Winter!Bite (1 of 1)I always try ensure my kids have plenty of protein to support their growing bodies and love to sneak in a bit of protein powder here and there.  The first time I made these I was worried they wouldn’t like them, but sure enough, they gobbled them up like they ice-cream cones.pop (1 of 1)  I came up with a super simple recipe that can very easily be tweaked to suit your tastes.  You can substitute flavored yogurt, skimp on the protein powder if you’re not a fan, or add any variety of fruit.


  • 1 1/2 cups plain non-fat greek yogurt (I LOVE Chobani)
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons raw honey
  • 1 to 2 cups fruit
  • popsicle molds

In a bowl, mix the yogurt and protein powder until thoroughly combined.  Add vanilla and honey.  Using a fork, slightly mash the fruit and add to mixture.  Spoon into popsicle molds (or ice trays) and insert popsicle sticks.  Freeze.toprow (1 of 1).jpgTo remove the pops, I simply run the bottom under hot water for a few seconds and they slide ride out of the mold.close (1 of 1)This recipe makes about 12 large popsicles (which is not nearly enough for our family) I definitely need to purchase 3 or 4 more mold sets ASAP as I can’t seem to keep up on the high demand.  Everyone from my body building husband (he’s going to kill me for calling him that! HA!) to my treat-crazed baby love these frozen yogurt pops…even the dog is a fan!MacienadPup (1 of 1).jpgOkay, Bruno will pretty much eat anything, BUT these babies are GOOD!  Smile (1 of 1).jpgDespite it being January, I hope you’ll give these pops a try.  They are such a fun snack and so simple to make.

*I can’t remember where I found my old popsicle molds, but THESE are the ones currently sitting in my Amazon cart!  Happy Healthy Eating and Happy 2018!

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