Feeding the Birds

One of my goals for 2018 is to come up with a fun craft for my kiddos each month.  Like most stay-at-home parents, I’m often in charge of homework, chores, piano practicing, and all those other NON-fun things our kids do on a day to day basis. I’m totally okay with my role as “the enforcer” BUT I want to have fun and make memories with my children along the way!  I plan (finger’s crossed I can execute) to have a fun little craft or activity with my fantastic five each month.  I’ll share them here for anyone who wants to follow suit. Hopefully, we will inspire you to have some fun of your own and take a bit of a break from the everyday chaos of life.

Crafting with Kids JAN Edition: PINE CONE BIRD FEEDERS

Step 1: Gather Your SuppliesDONEall (1 of 1)To get started, you will need to go a huntin’ for pine cones.  Lucky for us, we have about a zillion in our own backyard…actually I don’t know how lucky that is, but either way, get yourself some pine cones…throw (1 of 1)pick up (1 of 1).jpgpine (1 of 1)wave (1 of 1).jpgsquat (1 of 1)You’ll need some peanut butter…DonePBbowl (1 of 1)…and of course, a large bowl of seeds.DoneSeedbowl (1 of 1)Don’t forget a bit of sturdy string and a pair of scissors.

Step 2: Securely fasten a length of string around your pine cone.DONEtie (1 of 1)Step 3: Slather on some peanut butter.DONEwypb (1 of 1)Make sure to press that gooey deliciousness into each and every crevice.DONEpbcone (1 of 1)Step 4: Gently press and roll your p.b. covered cone into an assortment of seeds.DONEdippy (1 of 1)DONEsmile (1 of 1)DONEroll (1 of 1)DONEstare (1 of 1)And if your anything like my Macie girl, be sure to lick your fingers and munch on a seed or two. lick (1 of 1)DONEclose (1 of 1)Step 5: Hang a pine cone bird feeder from every tree in sight.DONEcoleytie (1 of 1)DONEclimbe (1 of 1)DONEwyhang (1 of 1)DONEcolehang (1 of 1)Step 6: Watch and wait.DONEmaciebird (1 of 1)Happy Crafting.

*THIS is the bird see we used.  It is a BIG bag (we like to feed the birds and squirrels on the reg).

*Jute String

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