Painting and Planting

With the craziness of life, (and our recent vacation) I’m a bit late sharing our “Crafting with Kids” project from last month.  Despite my tardiness, our simple activity was a fun project on a cold afternoon and will hopefully  *fingers crossed* yield very fruitful results in the near future.

I love growing an herb garden each year and our kids insist on being fully involved in the planting, watering, and of course, the CONSUMING of anything we grow.  With a wave of Spring fever hitting hard, I thought it would be fun to try growing our herbs from seeds.

But before we get to the planting, we first needed to spruce up our boring old pots…pots (1 of 1)With a bit of paint, some string, and a few Popsicle sticks we were set and ready to (1 of 1)First up, we covered our pots with a few layers of white craft paint…2 (1 of 1)momandtess (1 of 1)While waiting on our pots to dry, we slathered some black chalk paint on our wooden sticks…maciestick (1 of 1)stick (1 of 1)Once dry, the kids each chose their favorite herb and labeled their sticks with a white gel pen.1 (1 of 1)Next, the older kids and I wrapped twine along the top of our pots, using a hot glue gun to secure in place.  (I also tied a string around the glued on twine after the kids planted their seeds.)startpart (1 of 1)twinepot (1 of 1)And with that, we were set and ready to plant.

With a bit of soil…dirt (1 of 1)…and a few carefully placed seeds…tessplant (1 of 1)…our herb garden is complete!6 (1 of 1)We’ve got 5 cute little pots being watched, at all times, by 5 very anxious pairs of eyes.

I’m wishing with all my might that something starts to grow soon or we will have some very disappointed children on hand.  Grow plants grow!

Happy Crafting and Happy ALMOST SPRING!!!

*SUPPLIES: We got a variety of seed packets from Home Depot and everything else I had on hand.  The chalk paint, pots, and popsicle sticks can all be found at most craft stores.

UPDATE: 6 weeks later…porchplant (1 of 1).jpgTessa’s basil is growing like a weed! She could not possibly be happier about the fact that her plant is bigger than anyone else’s and reminds us daily.  The other kids plants (with some sneaky help from mama) are coming right along! We can’t wait to consume these asap!

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