Music Room Reveal

Hallelujah! It feels SO GOOD to finally have one room in our house completely done!   We have done a ton of renovating over the past 3 years, but our music room is the first room that is completely finished and furnished!   Everything from the flooring to the ceiling itself has been replaced or redone and I am so excited to share the end result!

BEFOREmusicroom before(photo from the previous owners)

AFTERLightOnFullRoomI know most people don’t have (or want)  an entire room devoted to musical instruments.  Having said that, I feel like the changes, renovations, furniture and accessories in this room are definitely not limited to a music room and can be useful in any space in your home.  For us, having  a music room has always been a dream.  With our current home having way too many “non-bedroom” rooms (a family room, a living room, 2 dining areas, an office, and ANOTHER giant empty sitting room that will soon be our new kitchen), it was kinda a no-brainer to turn one of the unused dining rooms into a place to keep our instruments.  More importantly, we wanted to created a space that would encourage a love for music, and just a fun and free-spirited place to jam.RoomBefore we get started, I’ve got to be completely honest: My hubs and I sorta (and when I say sorta, I mean super duper) argued a lot about this room.  I think he wanted more of a grundgy-rocker-garage-band type of feel, and I definitely was feeling more of a Bohemian zen-inducing haven. Somehow, we met in the middle, (maybe slightly off center!) and our most favorite room in the house was born.SofaCloseUp (1 of 1)Even the dog is a fan of our new space…comesellama (1 of 1)Unfortunately, I didn’t take a whole lot of before pictures, but I won’t make that mistake again as I just wish you could get a complete picture of what we started with.  We started removed popcorn texture from the ceiling (super NOT fun), re-textured, and of course, painted the entire room a nice bright white.   Later, we replaced the outdated and low hanging chandelier (I smacked my head on that thing SO many times btw!) with a new and improved semi-flush fixture…light2editJohn makes fun of my light fixture obsession, but I strongly feel that lighting makes or breaks a room!  I knew I wanted something with wood beads, a tad bit funky, but that still meshed with the rest of our home…I searched high and low for right light fixture, held multiple polls in my Instagram Stories, and finally found the perfect light from Overstock.comLightCloseUpNext up, we closed off the walk through opening to the kitchen and replaced all the old flooring with new hardwood (thanks SO much Dad!)  We also added the faux brick wall paneling, which completely transformed the feel of the room.  I’ve had more than one friend add a brick wall to various rooms in their home and it’s been so fun to see!

I was back and forth about creating a “guitar wall” as the focal point of the room, but in the end I’m so glad we did.  Not only is it a fun statement wall, it is so nice to have Johns most treasured possessions guitars up off the floor and out of reach from our little terrors ladies.Youwall (1 of 1) Now for the fun part, decorating!!!

I was so excited to put this room together and had so much fun picking out pieces and adding personal elements to make it ours.  We’ve had our funky green sofa and accent table for years, but the room definitely needed some cozy and updated accessories to add warmth, texture, and dimension…topdown (1 of 1)A few great pieces from helped make the room feel comfy and cozy and a place we just want to be. tessa (1 of 1).jpgI thought it would be fun to have some floor pillows for the kids to relax on as they love to listen to dad jam, however Baby J has claimed full dibs on ours. No one is allowed to even come close to “her spot” 🙂 bookcasezen (1 of 1)I feel like the floor pillows really give the room that cozy bohemian vibe and I clearly need a few more!  jeanharmon (1 of 1).jpgI fell in love with THESE Moroccan leather poofs and am trying to justify putting a couple in every room in the house!  They make such a fun seat, add a pop of color, and double as a small side table if needed.rockandroll (1 of 1)Because our music room is connected to our living room and visible from our main entry, we wanted to enclose it completely…(okay and also because we really just wanted some barn doors!)  John built two sliding doors to give us the ability to separate the spaces if needed and I love how they turned out.ViewthroughDoorsThe wall opposite our bookcase is where our lovely piano finds it’s home. piano (1 of 1).jpgThis was my grandma’s piano, which I have painted not once, but TWICE…which for sure makes me insane.  But I love how it turned out and the fun plants and accessories really make the space come alive.  I also made a VERY simple piano bench cushion, which I will share  a tutorial for in the very near future.  bench (1 of 1).jpgOne accessory I think every home needs (I have 2 and want another!) is a sheepskin pelt.  I just was not loving the piano bench until I threw the sheepskin over top and voila!  Warm, cozy, welcoming, earthy…just everything I love.  You can find a variety of sheepskin rugs from Overstock as well!

And with that, I think the full tour is complete!  Believe it or not, we actually have quite a few more instruments I’m trying to find a home for…maybe they will end up hanging from the ceiling?!? 😉 or maybe we need to stop buying instruments *HINT HINT John McCoy!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope you are feeling inspired to make your home a place you love to be!   Please feel free to send any questions my way.

I also need to thank Overstock for working with us on this room, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you!  And of course, my handy man pops who has helped with SO many of our projects in this room and our entire house.  Love you Dad!

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  1. Staring at my old outdated piano dreading a makeover. Did you just sand it like you would any other piece of furniture , and then paint and seal? Thanks !

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