The Great Sand Dunes National Park

Every Summer we load all five kids, our giant horse-dog, and a change of clothes or two, into the good old SUV and head out on the highway.  Our annual road trip is nothing crazy, just a few hours in the car each day, with plenty of stops along the way.  We always end up having the best time and it definitely make us all re-think what vacations should be made of.

This year we explored Southern Colorado and found so many new places to love.  Our first stop along the way was The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve. DONEdunesAfter hours in the car, the kids were more than excited to take off and explore….dunerunningkids (1 of 1)I mean, is there anything better than a giant sandbox?  The kids had so much fun, the weather was just right, and despite baby Jean spilling all our water, we had a fabulous time.  dunes (1 of 5).jpgduneskids (1 of 1).jpgdunes (4 of 5)The Sand Dunes is one of those places where you just let kids be kids and worry about the mess later…dunes (5 of 5)…and trust me, there will be a mess.dunes (2 of 5)DONEwyattduneWeeks later, I’m still finding sand in all the places! 😉 DONETessaDunesIn some case, the mess is well worth it, and The Sand Dunes National Park definitely makes the cut.  With absolutely zero planning ahead of time, we had a fabulous time.   However, there are a few things I would recommend for anyone making their way to the dunes:

  • Bring lots of water.  And then a bit more.
  • Watch the weather, there is absolutely zero shade and the sand can get hot.  Luckily for us it was nice and overcast.  Choose a day early or late enough in the Summer so you can enjoy the sand without completely roasting.
  • Don’t speed in the park. We got a nice $140 speeding ticket the minute we pulled out of the parking lot. Ugh!
  • Our kids had a blast sliding down the sandy slopes on their bellies, but some sleds or boards would be next-level fun for sure!
  • I didn’t dare take my camera out into the sand.  I would recommend leaving it in the car as it was pretty windy.  I took all of our photos with my phone, which felt like a safer option!

If you find your way to this magical giant sand-box in the middle of Colordaod I’d love to hear about it! Happy Travels!macieduneshead (1 of 1)

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