Couples Halloween Costume: Belle and Gaston

Being a real life Disney princess is basically every little girls dream, right? Or was that just me? Okay, if I’m being perfectly honest, that dream did not die or diminish in any way with age… I may be a 4 year old in a 34 year old woman’s body, but dressing as Belle from Beauty and the Beast last year was SO MUCH FUN!!!!! abc (1 of 1)We threw these costumes together so quickly for a Halloween party with friends and ended up winning an award for ‘best costume’.  I’m pretty sure we won solely based on John’s uncanny resembles to dear ol’ Gaston…abc4 (1 of 1)For those who know my husband well, you’ll not be surprised to hear he fully embraced the role of Disney villain and had us laughing all night.  Despite hearing phrases like,  “roughly the size of a baaaarrrrrrrrge” way more time’s than any woman could be expected to bear, we had so much fun together. abc2 (1 of 1)I’ve definitely converted to Team Gaston!abc3 (1 of 1)

Gaston Costume:

John’ wore black jeans and brown boots we already had. I purchased a yellow polo shirt from Kohl’s that was on clearance for $3.00 and a red v-neck t-shirt from Walmart.  I simply cut the collar out of the yellow polo and he wore that under the tee.  I didn’t want to layer the two shirts as the red tee was very tight already 🙂 I did not sew or attach it in the collar in any way, easy peasy!! He wore a belt around around his waist and yellow leather work gloves (you can find at Home Depot if you don’t have any).  For his hair, I actually cut a piece of an old wig and pined a pony tail int he back.  We tied a ribbon around the base to hide the pins and for some reason I didn’t take a picture, but this definitely added to the look!

Belle Costume:

Though the big fancy yellow ballgown would be so much fun, I thought the original Disney “village Belle” would be more doable with limited time.  Since John’s costume cost next to nothing and I had no time to sew, I splurged on THIS costume and it worked out great.  I followed THIS makeup tutorial.  For my hair, I loosely curled it and pulled it back in a low pony tied with ribbon.  The pieces around my face I slightly twisted and sprayed with hairspray (pinning some back) to give more of a cartoon/piecey look.

I hoped this helped give you ideas for the upcoming holiday.  We are still undecided on this year’s costumes so feel free to send any suggestions my way!

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