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When you live in a forty something year old house, let me tell you, a bathroom renovation is basically Christmas.  Maybe even better than Christmas.  We are so happy with how our main floor powder bath turned out and I am so excited to share all the details with you! Nearly everything in our finished space I found at and I am thrilled to have partnered with them on this project.bath20 (1 of 1).jpgbath13 (1 of 1).jpgbath19 (1 of 1).jpgbath8 (1 of 1).jpgThis bathroom has a bit of a history; the week we moved into our home we completely tore it apart.  Long story short, we had to run some duct work through this bathroom for another project and did a quick band-aid fix that I never loved. Basically, we slapped paint on the old vanity and covered up the walls with the some wood panels.  Because we tore it apart so quickly, I never got any great “before” type photos, but here are a few pics of the process (super low quality) and just a warning, they are kinda nasty…

As always seem to be the case with older homes, once we got started we discovered plenty of problems along the way…like nasty rotten moldy old sub-floor we had to rip out.

Because I didn’t love the wood panels, and the vanity and toilet were pretty terrible, a few months ago we decided it was time to do this bathroom over the right way!  We enlisted our favorite crew and spent a day completely demolishing the bathroom.  I wanted to start with a completely clean slate…well, if you can call this disaster clean…

Once everything was out from floor to ceiling, we started with the tile.  I’ve had my eye on this tile for years and basically based the entire bathroom design around it.  Though we’ve never laid tile on our own, John was certain he could do it and it ended up being a lot easier than anticipated.

We purchased a small tile saw and set up a station in the front yard.  Things went surprisingly smooth and we had the whole floor down in a few hours.  The next day we sealed the tile two times (when using cement tile, you must seal it BEFORE grouting so the porous tiles don’t absorb up any grout color).  We were a bit intimidated to work with cement tiles, but they were very easy to cut and lay.  The sealing process is also very straightforward and simple, basically just spray and wiping the tiles. I LOVE how our floor turned out!  Here is a little side by side of the original orange lanolium stuff and our lovely new floor…

With the floor done, we moved on to the walls.  I plan to share some shiplap tips in a future post as we’ve done multiple areas of our home with different techniques, so I won’t go into the process details here, but in a nutshell, John used 1/2″ thick, 5 1/2″ wide, MDF boards and I painted them with my favorite grayish white paint, Snowbound by Sherwin Williams.20181112_190354.jpgAfter the walls were complete, it was finally time to install the beautiful vanity I’d picked out and the round black metal mirror you all helped me pick out over in my Instagram stories.bath21 (1 of 1)This vanity is perfection! I love the slow-close doors, the soft warm gray color, and the beautiful quartz top.  The hidden pull out drawers are perfect for tucking away a stash of hand towels, extra toilet paper, chapstick, etc.  bath24 (1 of 1).jpgI knew I wanted a matte black faucet and loved the sleek lines of this one (we also used this faucet valve with drain)  To tie the sink and vanity together, I replaced the chrome knobs with simple matte black knobs. bath15 (1 of 1)bath22 (1 of 1)

I struggled a bit to find the perfect light fixture that was a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll…okay, okay…more like a little bit industrial and a little bit modern farmhouse.  When I found these beautiful lights it was love at first sight!

bath2 (1 of 1)If you think I’m being dramatic, ask my husband…I sorta have a semi-unhealthy obsession with light fixtures! Seriously though, I feel like the right light fixture is SO important and adds so much to the feel of a space. bath18 (1 of 1)A little feature I was surprised to discover after John installed these, there is no visible light bulb! They come with a built in tucked away LED light that is not visible unless you get right up underneath it.  bath4 (1 of 1).jpgAnd now for the main feature…bath5 (1 of 1)If it is wrong to talk about toilets, I don’t want to be right! This toilet is pretty dang cool and I’m super happy we decided to scrap the old disgusting thing that I could not get clean no matter what I tried. I love the sleek lines, the elongated height, and again, the slow-close seat feature is awesome (no loud slamming, thank you very much).   I also couldn’t resist adding a matte black toilet lever to keep things cohesive.bath6 (1 of 1)With everything in place, I wanted to add some elements to warm the space up a bit and of course, a few necessary accessories as well.bath17 (1 of 1)bath14 (1 of 1)These floating shelves were the perfect earthy element the bathroom was lacking and gave me a fun space to decorate with greenery and a few meaningful items we’ve picked here and there over the years. bath12 (1 of 1)And last but not least, I snagged this quirky squirrel photograph from my brother and slapped in in a frame I already had.  I kinda love him.bath27 (1 of 1)This project was a lot of work and I am so happy it is complete.  Having an old home makes you extra appreciative of modern convinces and a properly functioning space. I am so grateful to Overstock for helping us achieve this much needed update and am just thrilled with every item they sent our way.  I’m also so grateful for my hard working hubby who worked his tail off on this project in his very limited spare time.   And of course, thank you to all each of you for following along and the support and love you continually show us!  I’m linking everything we used in this space below and I hope it will help as you make your house a home!

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