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Glitter Eggs

It’s been a while since I’ve share a “Crafting with Kids” post, but since I started homeschooling my crew, arts and crafts have definitely become a priority in our lives! Okay, maybe not top priority, but we definitely have a bit more time for all things crafty!

“I can make that!” is a phrase I do not often utter while scrolling the endless bliss that is  However, after spotting some beautiful (and expensive) glitter eggs on my favorite site, that’s exactly what I said.   These copycat eggs were surprisingly easy to make and I’m super happy with how they turned out. As always, first on the agenda: The craft store.  After hitting up our local Hobby Lobby we were all set…You’ll need some faux paper eggs, a whole lot of glitter in a variety of colors, and some GLOSSY Mod Podge.  You could always use real eggs if you want to blow out the yolk, but that was more than I’d bargained for!  

You’ll also need some paint brushes, bowls for the glitter, and of course a plastic table cloth is always a good idea.

Side note: If you want to be a bit extra, there’s always matching Easter jammies to take things to the next level 🙂 

And now, to craft.  To start things off, slather those babies with a layer of Mod Podge…

I found that too much Mod Podge made the end result rough and uneven, while too little Mod Podge made it difficult for the glitter to adhere.  In other words,  apply somewhere between too much and too little and things will be just right 😉

Next up, roll the eggs in a bowl full of glitter…

Even the littles can help with this part.

Next, we returned the eggs to their carton and let them dry for about an hour.   At this point they will be cute-ish, but definitely need a repeat of the whole process: That means another layer of  Mod Podge and another glitter bath.

Yes, this is messy.  Plan on that.  We are still finding glitter in all the places.

But the end result is just fab and definitely worth a little sparkly madness.  After drying the eggs for another hour, I covered them once more with a final coat of Mod Podge to keep the glitter from rubbing off.

A little tip for keeping this whole affair slightly less chaotic and avoiding washing your hands 45,000 times:  Use one hand for Mod Podging and one hand for glitter rolling (kinda like when you dredge and fry chicken).

Oh, and another tip:  We found the finer glitter to be a bit prettier in the end than the chunky stuff.  Actually, our very favorite eggs are the ones we got creative with.  We mixed 3 or 4 different glitters in one bowl for a few eggs and loved how they came out.

Now what to do with all these sparkly gems?  So far we’ve had fun decorating the house with glitter filled baskets, throwing them as hard as we can at each other (boys!!), and using them as cute little Easter photo props…

This weekend we are attempting to string some eggs into an Easter garland.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Happy Crafting friends!

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