Spooks and Sweets: A Punch and Cookies Halloween Party

October marks our 1 year homeschooling anniversary and we decided a little celebration was in order! With Halloween on the way, we threw ourselves a spooky little cookies and punch party.  I took lots of pics to share for anyone throwing together a Halloween dinner party with friends, school parties, or just wanting to do something fun with your kiddos.

One of my favorite things about homeschooling, is that everything in our lives has become a team effort. Whether planning a fun family outing, a spooky party, or our many home renovation projects, we involve the whole crew as much as possible.

The kids each had assignments and the whole thing came together quite nicely.  Macie and I did all the party shopping at Walmart and found so many cute and inexpensive Halloweenie (making that a word) goodness.  The kids all helped decorate, planned silly games and simple crafts, and baked and decorated the cutest cookies.  We dressed up in easy witch and skeleton attire and rocked out to Micheal Jackson’s Thriller on repeat.

Walmart Skeleton (2 of 3).jpg

Walmatcookies7 (1 of 1).jpg

Walmatflowers (1 of 1).jpg

These cookie kits were such a great find and so easy and fun! Normally I love baking homemade treats, but with all the craze of Halloween I’m all about convenience.  I also recycled some nearly dead flower bouquets from my birthday and I thought they added the perfect touch.

Wyatt wanted to make some spooky blood-red punch and the kids all loved it! 

WalmartTess (1 of 1)Warning: this punch may be sugar overload for most humans, but my crew downed nearly the entire punch bowel and the recipe is below!

The girls made some ghosts and ghouls by covering balloons in light-weight tulle fabric and tying off with string. 

They laughed so hard playing with these because what kid doesn’t love a balloons? Talk about an easy craft that doubles as a fun party favor.


Thank you to Walmart for partnering with us and making it ultra easy to throw together this fun family party. All the spooky decor and even our outfits I found at Walmart for such great prices. I couldn’t find a link for my exact gingham top, but this one  and this one are both so cute or you may be able to find it in stores.  I’ve linked all our cute decor below.  Happy Halloween Partying friends!

Wyatt’s Werewolf Punch

(aka: non-alcoholic, kid friendly Halloween Punch)

64 fl oz  Cran-Rasperry Juice

2 Liters Dry Ginger Ale

4 cups Fruit Punch

Combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl and serve chilled.

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  1. I just love that you guys homeschool! I was homeschooled and I remember being so frustrated that no one knew what it was really like! You are such a dear family!!

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