Keeping Things Normal: School in 2020

This year is one for the history books, there’s no question about that. With all the uncertainty heading into another school year, I’m doing my best to keep a positive attitude and hoping my crew will follow suit.

In a few short weeks our first born babe will be starting high school and man, I’m emotional about it. Despite my heartache at seeing him grow right before my eyes, I’m beyond excited for our Wyatt. We were back and forth on many different options and in the end, decided to let him make the call on what school would look like for the next 4 years. He opted to attend an early college and has tested out of many high school classes. He’s smart and hardworking and I’m one proud mama.

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At the other end of our family, our sweet baby Jean is off to preschool soon. Yes, I will be a complete wreck. She will be attending a small neighborhood preschool with all the proper safety precautions in place and is beyond excited to finally be a “big girl”.

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And now for the middles, my home school squad! I will be teaching these three once more, with a Spanish and Science course taught through our district twice a week as well.

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Right now we aren’t completely certain what the out-of-home classes for our kiddos will look like, but I’m determined to keep things as normal and exciting as possible.  We had fun shopping online for our school supplies at Walmart and getting set for the new year.  The kiddos each picked out a few new outfits and of course, obliged mama with some matching pieces as well.  Despite the uncertainty in the world right now, Walmart makes it easy with online shopping, store pick-up, or 2 day shipping.  The Walmart Fashion prices can’t be beat and is perfect for quickly growing kiddos.

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As a home school mama, I also have my set of organization tools, arts and craft supplies, scheduling, etc and have linked a few favorites from Walmart below.

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No matter what your school year looks like, I know we will continue to grow through these challenging times. Keep on keeping on friends, and know, this family is rooting for you.

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Walmart Fashion Favorites:

Walmart Back To School Supplies:

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